Olivier Mutual was founded in 1996 as one of the three projects of “Entraide Liban”: a non-governmental organization (NGO) with a focus on social & humanitarian development.
“Olivier Health Mutual society” was then established under decree number 1/AT, registered under number 1/56. The organization has since grown rapidly, relying on its solid expertise in healthcare insurance and a passionate vision to spread Mutuality.

Olivier Today

Being a mutual, Olivier acts as a non-profit healthcare organization that is only driven by the betterment of its members’ health and social wellbeing, as well as a genuine concern for its community.
All revenue generated by Olivier are re-invested in schemes and services in the interest of its members like upgrading our product’s healthcare insurance benefits.
Thanks to that, our Mutual Advanced Program has developed through time to become one of the most wide and comprehensive healthcare insurance plans in Lebanon. This has enabled us to provide affordable, but top-class healthcare coverages with the widest variety of benefits possible. A mix of a fully stacked healthcare coverage plan and affordability that is not heard of.

Scholarship Program

We all benefit by having an educated and healthy society; and we all suffer from its absence.

Once a member in the Olivier Mutual healthcare program, we will support you in schooling fees should there be an inability to do so yourself. Such inability need not only be due to healthcare reasons; it could be a result of losing a job or other uncontrollable factors. Therefore, this single scheme called healthcare is a double scheme which includes guaranteed schooling benefits at no additional cost.

Community Benefits

Joining us will mean you become more than just a valued member; you immediately become one of Olivier’s owners. That is because in the mutual model, members own the organization.

We have, and always will, accept the responsibilities and defend our status, being a non-profit organization, a status that has been part of our heritage and an incredibly significant part for building the strong foundations for a bright future. One of our major objectives has been to improve the health of our community, through improving the health of each individual member. An objective that has been demonstrated through a variety of programs and activities during the past years.

Social responsibility, social integration and community participation are an essential ingredient leading to Olivier's M.S. success story… a never-ending quest for making our community a better place. Through our partnership with community organizations, health advisors and healthcare professionals as well as schools and educational institutions, we do our utmost to address health-related issues and educational matters.

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