Community Benefits

We all benefit from a healthy community and we all suffer from its absence. "When you feel good, we feel good".
When you join, you become more than just a member. You immediately become one of Olivier's M.S. community valued members and, more importantly, one of Olivier's M.S. owners and that's because members own the society.

Here at Olivier M.S., our thousand strong members mean that we can provide affordable alternatives that work alongside and reinforce the National Health System (NHS). We have, and always will, accept the responsibilities and defend our status, being a non-profit organization, a status that has, for long, been part of our heritage and a very significant part for building the strong foundations for a bright future One of our major objectives has been to improve the health of our community, through improving the health of each and every individual. An objective that has been demonstrated through a variety of programs and activities during the past four years.

Social responsibility, social integration and community participation are an essential ingredient leading to Olivier's M.S. success story… a never-ending quest for making our community a better place. Through our partnership with community organizations, health advisors and healthcare professionals as well as schools and educational institutions, we do our utmost in order to address health-related issues and educational matters. In view of the fact that this mutual society "Olivier M.S." has a social shared role and is community based, its roots lie deeply in a solid and well-unified one.

It is therefore worth mentioning that its financial benefits, returns as input for the interest of its members. This, in addition to the fact that it offers each and every enroller the medical coverage along with a number of exclusive privileges at no additional cost, being:

  • Substantial savings on annual fees.
  • Continuous medical care attention, tailored individually.
  • Solidarity and common objectives among members.
  • Educational, cultural, and social leisure activities.
  • If the need existed, children schooling as well as a wide range of financial assistance.

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