Olivier's M.S. medical coverage, with the active support of "Swiss Re" and "AXA Middle East", served by the Administrator "GlobeMed Liban", offers multifold advantages:

  • Access to all hospitals in Lebanon and Syria in addition to a preferred network in the Middle East and North Africa ( MENA).

  • Guaranteed renewability is granted to adherent below 45 years old from day 1. Adherents above 45 years old and less than 66 years old will be entitled to GR on the 1st renewal subject to a clean medical questionnaire. Once "GR" is granted, the adhesion is renewed year after year, regardless of his/her age and health, if the adherent renews and pays his/her cotisation on time without interruption.

  • Maternity benefits coverage after one year from enrollment.

  • Free of charge coverage "GlobeMed Baby".

  • Coverage of GlobeMed babies from day one, whatever the state of the babies’ health including incubator without limitation. In addition, new born babies will benefit from GR feature from day one, whatever its health is.

  • Coverage of all congenital cases that is neither diagnosed nor treated.

  • Coverage of parental accommodation benefit that provides a free of charge extra bed for one parent accompanying a confined child aged less than 18 years.

  • Coverage of consequences and complications of maternity when this is subject to a waiting period.

  • Direct billing coverage of claims incurred in the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa), applicable to the policyholder and his direct dependants residing in Lebanon

  • Wide spectrum coverage in case of emergency or accident including therapy laser, endoscopies, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, physiotherapy...

  • Personal accident coverage up to USD 5,000 in case of accidental death or permanent, partial and/or total disablement.

  • Morgue and burial expenses up to USD 2,000.

  • Free of charge second medical opinion abroad from reputable U.S.A. hospitals in case of serious illness.

  • Hot telephone line 24/24 to answer all inquiries: Call GlobeMed Info: 01-485111.

For those interested in an additional coverage, Olivier M.S. also offers the:

  • Ambulatory Plan:

o Unlimited financial coverage.
o Unlimited number of transactions.
o Local medical healthcare network providers covering:
radiology, C.T, scan, MRI, ultrasonography, laboratory tests, nuclear medicine tests, physiotherapy...

  • Prescription Medicine Plan:

o Unlimited financial coverage.
o Unlimited number of prescriptions.
o Unlimited coverage of prescription medicines as well as the majority of vaccines that are recommended by the "United States Centers for Disease".
o On-line national pharmacies and laboratories network that are linked directly to GlobeMed database to facilitate the process.


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