In 1996, Olivier M.S., the healthcare assistance program was established as one of the three main programs of the non-governmental organization (NGO) "Entraide Liban", a socio-humanitarian development assistance association. The two other main programs being "Jonathan", a cultural and leisure program for young people and "Rais de soleil", a schooling/educational support program.

The members of "Entraide Liban" as well as its advocates along with fund raising activities, were financing these programs for needy children in the rural areas of Lebanon.Therefore, "Entraide Liban's" members established in 1999 the "Olivier Health Mutual Society" under decree number 1/AT, registered under number 1/56. This establishment has since grown rapidly, relying on its solid experience and expertise in healthcare.

Olivier Today

Olivier M.S. is a non-profit healthcare organization. It has no stockholders, which implies that the decisions made by the organization are only driven by the needs and requirements of its members as well as a genuine concern for its community.

While this in mind, Olivier M.S. also seeks worthwhile projects and investments simply to achieve its short; medium and long range objectives and hence fulfill its mission.

When its healthcare activities generate revenues, these are re-invested in schemes and services in the interest of its members and for the sake of upgrading services and benefits.

The Olivier M.S. medical program has developed to become a wide, full,  and comprehensive program offering exclusive benefits to its members.

In order to facilitate the process and simplify the procedures, Olivier has also established a national network of representatives to assist and help its members and potential members with all types and kind of information and formalities. A help desk is also available at all times to answer all inquiries. 
One of our added accomplishments of Olivier M.S. is the reinforcement of the mutual healthcare concept in the Lebanese society as well as the connection of the individual healthcare with the children scholarship program. The latter is being achieved thanks to the collaboration of a great number of schools.

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